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World renowned  eSports and gaming gear company QPAD widens their product range with a brand new keyboard: the QPAD MK-70. Although sharing some common features with previous QPAD keyboards, the board still fills an important gap in the entry level segment of mechanical keyboards. MK-70 is an upgraded MK-50 featuring backlight and Cherry MX switches, no more no less. Just the most essential features that gamers are looking for. A high quality mechanical keyboard with backlight. With this launch QPAD attempts a break at the so sought after "Best bang for the buck” awards around the world.

The MK-70 offers the most essential: A no nonsense mechanical keyboard with backlight and Cherry MX switch technology.
Today we’re going to take a look at the Razer Anasi Expert MMO Gaming keyboard. I have been using this keyboard for over a full year now and I thought it’s about time I shared my thoughts about it.

Let’s start this review of with the looks of this keyboard. As we all know of Razer it got at my home in an extremely nice package and it was well protected. It came with the additional Razer stickers and a guide to help you started. The keyboard has one thick sturdy braided cord which ends in two USB ports. One for the keyboard itself and one for the lights in it, since it has backlighting which you can turn in to any color you like with the software that comes with it. The keyboard has a matte finish over it which looks cool but leaves easily fingerprints.

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